Konference Bohyne 2003, Velka Britanie
Nahoru do hloubi Zeme aneb Bohyne na Krete I.
Ochutnej sladkost zivota aneb Bohyne na Krete II.
Zazracny strom aneb Bohyne na Krete III.
Rec Bohyne aneb Bohyne na Krete IV.
Kreta a Minojska civilizace
Samanka/knezka/carodejnice: Zeme je mym telem
Deloha jako Mesicni Strom
Vyrobte si koprivovou panenku
Sebezasveceni knezky Bast
Vyzva Bohyne
Radost ze zivota
Cesta k Temne Bohyni
Zeny, prineste zpravy
Strach mit silu
Zpivaji Tvoji pisen
Vzyvani bozstva
Tanceni se Starhawk
Moudra krev
Ritualni chutovky
Ritualni chutovky 2
Daimon - hledani zeniny vasnive duse
Americanka ve Vestonicich a jine venuse
Ceska bohyne a Vestonice
Na vanocni tema: Dionysovska extaze
Meditace: Ty jsi Bohyne
Stezka knezky a Chat
Navrat Bohyne (Achaia)
Monica Sjöö: Marx a matriarchat
Ritual jako stavebni jednotka nove kultury
Ritual sebeprijeti
Oslava svatku Lammas
Cesta Luny
Buh te stvoril nesmrtelnym (poselstvi sv. Eufemie)
Zimni meditace
Rohaty Buh
Svati Synove
Oslava zeny
Meditace: Jak videt, slyset a citit Zdroj
Krchnicka - aneb moc Tve leve ruky
Ta s obema prsy
Trinacta komnata
Na Kretu s Valpurgou (srpen 02)
Konference Bohyne 2003, Velka Britanie
Zazitky z putovani na Krete 2004, Michaela Petrovska
Festival Bohyne 2004
Festival - Rej Zenskeho Principu
Mystérium Krétské Bohyne - zenské putování po posvátny´ch místech Minojské kultury, 05
Tantricka oslava carodejnic a Beltainu, 29.4.-1.5.05
Tisic tvari zeny 05 - zenská skupina osobního rustu
Aktivity a kurzy v Ceske Republice
Virtualni chramy bohyni

Timto vas zvu na Konferenci Bohyne 2003, velky barevny festival plny seminaru, workshopu, prednasek, svatych pouti, meditaci, ritualu, tance, zpevu a zabavy, ve Velke Britanii v lete tohoto roku.
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The Mother Goddess

Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2003

Wednesday 30th July - Sunday 3rd August

Celebrating the Mystery of the Nine Morgens, the Nine Ladies of Avalon

With Ceremonies, Adorations and Praise Songs to the Goddess; talks, workshops, beautiful Womanspirit Exhibitions, performances, music, song, dance, conversation, dressing up, stalls, fun. Participate in Pilgrimage Circles of Thirteen and Cleansing Rituals. Make Lammas Bread Goddesses to celebrate the Lammas Goddess. Enjoy the magical gardens of Chalice Well by candlelight. Enter into the Mysteries of the Nine Morgens, circumnambulating the Lady of Avalon and hearing to the Oracles of the Morgens. Dance the night away at the Goddess Gala Buffet and Masque. Walk in an ancient yet ever new Goddess in the Cart Procession through the streets of Glastonbury to Chalice Well, flying Goddess banners on Glastonbury Tor with a Fruit Feast!

Contributors include:

Alessandra Belloni
One of the most exciting tambourine virtuosos in the world today, playing songs from the rich folk dance culture of Italy, which include the Healing Spider Dance of the Tarantella and ancient songs to the Black Madonna. Alessandra is artist in residence at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York with I Giullari di Piazza and we are delighted to welcome her on her third visit to the Goddess Conference. She is a REMO artist with her own signature series of Southern Italian drums.

Apela Colorado PhD
Dr Apela Colorado is the founder/president of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network, which was founded in Alberta, Canada to bring indigenous elders and western scientists together to explore the integration of their two ways of knowing. She works tirelessly to bring indigenous elders together from around the world to share their wisdom. Apela is herself of the Native American Oneida Tribe and French extraction and lives in Maui.

Carolyn Hillyer
Carolyn is a truly Goddess inspired artist, musician, writer and performer who lives with her partner Nigel Shaw and family on the wild hills of Dartmoor in southwest England. Her artwork and music have delighted Conference goers for many years and this year she will share new music with us. Among her most well-loved recordings are the recent Cave of Elders: A Soul Journey for Women, Old Silverhead: Songs and Initiations of Womanhood and Songs of the Forgotten People (with Nigel Shaw).

Clare Campbell
Clare is an artist and therapist and founder of Wild Women Workshops and Gorgeous Goddess Merchandise. As well as filling her days doing lots of sparkly magical things Clare works in schools and communities using art therapy and empowering young women to celebrate their gorgeous goddess selves with her own unique style. She runs Gorgeous Goddess workshops for young women with Samsara Tanner.

Falcon River
Falcon is a Dianic elder, and ordained priestess of the guardian path. She is a woodworker, traditional healer, body worker and clairvoyant working with people and animals professionally since 1983. With Ruth Barrett, Falcon co-founded Temple of Diana, and co-facilitates its national Dianic priestess training program. She is passionately committed to teaching women tangible energetic and magical skills.

Foosiya Miller
For the last four years Foosiya has created the large central wicker Goddesses which have graced our Conference ceremonies. She is a fabulous sculptor working in stone, marble and wood. She also paints wonderful Goddess paintings and her work will be once again be on exhibition at the Conference.

Jana Runnalls
Jana is a renowned singer/musician from Glastonbury, whose Goddess songs and chants are sung by many people around the world. She is a gifted performer singing and playing solo or with Katrina Brown and Glastonbury's Wild Women. She is also a very experienced voice teacher. Her many well-known recent recordings include Return to the Goddess and Lady of the Lake.

Jane Meredith
Jane is an Australian Priestess of the Goddess who works with ritual and myth for healing, empowerment and celebration. She has many years experience of working in magical and Goddess-oriented women's groups, support groups and femininist circles. She has a special affinity with the Dark Goddess and is familiar with issues around relationships, sexuality, incest, self confidence and transformation.

Jill Smith
Jill is a unique and dedicated Goddess artist and writer, living for many years with her fourth child on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides in northwestern Scotland. Inspired by Brighde as she experienced Her in the landscape there, she has painted and written of her Goddess journey. She now lives and creates in Glastonbury and is the author of The Callanish Dance (Capall Bann) and Mother of the Isles (dor dama Press).

Julie Felix
Wonderfully accomplished singer/songwriter whose career began with the protest songs of the 1960s and 70s continuing into the Goddess songs of the 90s and 00s. Julie is a regular performer at the Goddess Conference delighting audiences with her songs and chants, encouraging us all to sing our hearts out for the Goddess. Her numerous CDs include Branches in the Mist and Fire - My Spirit. She lives in Hertfordshire and spends much of the year travelling and performing worldwide.

Kathy Jones
Kathy is the cofounder and coorganiser of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. She is a writer, healer, initiator, sacred dramatist and Priestess of Avalon. She teaches a three year training for people to become Priest/esses of Avalon and trainings in Esoteric Soul Healing. She loves witnessing people unfolding and flowering, and adores the Goddess in Her many forms. She is a founder of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, the first public Goddess Temple in Europe for perhaps a thousand years.

Letecia Layson
Letecia is a Filipina, Feminist, Futurist, Priestess of Morphogenesis, Priestess of Isis and High Priestess of Diana, ordained in the Dianic Tradition, The Fellowship of Isis (FOI) and The Temple of Isis. Dedicated to She of Ten Thousand Names, Letecia is committed to embodying the principle, 'the personal is political' by healing and transforming civilization through her words, voice, dance, art and rituals. She works with her communities, Circle of Aradia and The Temple of Isis in Los Angeles, CA.

Lady Olivia Durdin Robertson
Lady Olivia is one of the most unique human beings on the planet today. She was the Founder with Her brother Lawrence of the now internationally famous Fellowship of Isis, which has tens of thousands of members worldwide united in the Goddess. Lady Olivia comes regularly from Ireland to the Goddess Conference where we are pleased to welcome her as a wise elder in the Goddess tradition. She is the author of many books and pamphlets on the Goddess as well as Liturgies and Rites of the Goddess.

Lydia Lite
Lydia is a great shamanic drummer and musician based in Glastonbury. Over the years she has been recognised for her unique abilities, playing in the famous Ariadne Productions sacred dramas, with Glastonbury's Wild Women, and now in Goddess Conference ceremonies and rituals. She teaches shamanic drumming workshops in Glastonbury and other venues in Britain and abroad. She likes to travel.

Lynn Orchard
For the last three years Lynn has been the co-guardian of the beautiful Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury with her husband Michael. In a very dedicated way together they have introduced changes which have enhanced the the attractions of this sacred site immeasurably. Lynn is also a wonderfully skilled aromatherapist and masseur. She will be welcoming us to the Chalice Well gardens with Natasha Wardle, who is in charge of the bookshop at Chalice Well.

Monica Sjöö
Monica is one of the Goddess world's most unique, innovative and enduring artists and writers. Over thirty years she has given us beautiful images of the everliving Goddess, often inspired by visions received at ancient sacred sites in Britain, Europe and Scandinavia. Monica is also a feminist writer who has contributed thought provoking articles to many journals. Her books include Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age and Armageddon (Plain View Press) and The Norse Goddess (dor dama Press). Her current interest is with the Amazon women and Berber/Semitic Tanit of Carthage.

Oshia Drury
Glastonbury based Oshia has a beautiful singing voice which delights and uplifts all who hear her. Over the years she has sung with many different Glastonbury bands and groups. She currently sings with the Wild Women and the Avalonian Free State Choir, and will sing during ceremonies at the Conference.

Penn Kemp
"A foremother of Canadian Poetry" is how the fiery Penn has been described. She is the author of 20 books dedicated to the Goddess, including THROO: Wise Cracking C'Odes from the Lunar Plexus (Moonstone Press), dedicated to L'Inspiratrice Sekhmet, with poems to Tara, Artemis, Hathor, Venus, etc.. Her latest book is poem for peace in many languages, initiated by UNESCO, and perfomed in 60 languages worldwide. Penn's sound opera cds are available from her website (click on her name!)

Rae Beth
Rae is a teacher of hedge witchcraft, also a psychic counsellor, priestess and poet. She is the author of several well loved Goddess books which have inspired many solitary practitioners - Hedgewitch, Lamp of the Goddess and The Hedgewitch's Way, with a fourth book in preparation. She has recently come to live near to Glastonbury.

Ruth Barrett
Returning to the Conference from the USA, Dianic high priestess Ruth Barrett is a Ritualist, and pioneer award winning recording artist of original Goddess songs. In 1980, Ruth inherited Z Budapestąs Dianic ministry in Los Angeles. For over 23 years, she has been teaching workshops in Dianic witchcraft and leading rituals at festivals and conferences internationally. She is author of WOMENąS RITES, WOMENąS MYSTERIES: Creating Personal and Group Ritual (summer 2003 release), and is passionate about womenąs magick.

Sally Morningstar
Sally is a Wiccan High Priestess and best selling author of The Wicca Pack, Spells and Charms, Moon Wisdom and Love Magic. She runs the Magpie Hedgewitch course for the Isle of Avalon Foundation in Glastonbury and is cofounder of MONAD (Mystic order of Natural Arcanum Development) a postal occult teaching order. She runs a psychic consultancy service and continues her life work to preserve the "enchanted heart" in a material world.

Sally Pullinger with Vocalana
Sally is a uniquely talented Goddess-loving songwriter/ musician and Priestess of Avalon. She is the conductor for the famous Avalonian Free State Choir which sings in Glastonbury and at many other venues. She is the creatress of Vocalana, a group of women who sing Sally's inspired songs of the Wheel of Goddess Ana. Sally is also a specially talented trance medium.

Samsara Tanner
Samsara is a parent of 5 beautiful youngsters and rapidly growing teenagers. She is currently focused on work with groups of girls guiding them through the use of art, play, drama and group dialogue, on a journey to become happy and healthy women. Together with Clare Campbell she runs Amazing Workshops for Mums and Daughters and Young Women.

Seize the Day & Hearth
Seize the Day wowed last year's Saturday night Gala Masque goers with their brilliant provocative words and music. They play fantastic music at venues, demonstrations and earth caring events all over the world. Their songbooks and CDs include Child of the Universe-96, Seize the day-97, It's Our World and All Hands That are Ready.... This year we are very happy to welcome them once again, playing with friends from the like-minded band Hearth.

Shawna Carol with Pam Gerke & Sacred Fire Choir
Shawna is an internationally recognised composer, recording artist and healer. She has helped thousands to connect with the authentic power of their natural voices. She is a gifted singing teacher and director of the SpiritSong Center in Bedford, MA, USA. Shawna is the inspired creator of Goddess Chant, a Sung Liturgy to the Goddess which will be performed at the Conference with the Sacred Fire Choir, a women's choir led by Pam Gerke from Seattle, and Vocalana led by Sally Pullinger.

Tyna Redpath
Tyna is the cofounder and coorganiser of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. She is a Wonderwoman who brings her many creative gifts to the Goddess and the Conference. She is the owner of the pioneering Goddess and Green Man shop, which can be found in Glastonbury's High street. One of the first Goddess shops in the UK it offers Goddess books and items for altars, practice and decoration. Tyna is also an excellent craftswoman in her own right.

Plus Aine Carey, Brian Charles, Cheryl  Straffon, Geraldine  Charles, Heather  Adams  Ridgeley, Helen Drever, Irene Sheppard, Julie McMahon, Leona  Graham, Natasha Wardle, Roz Bound, Sandra  Brant, Sarah Potter, Sheila  Bright, Sue  Oxley, with Priestesses of Avalon, Magpie Hedgewitches, helpful Melissas & lots more lovely women and men.

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